Client Bio

Stevie Watson
My whole First Year with Kelly in 2008
Winning my first Medal class,and My first Pleasure Championship at Circle J In 2008
Winning my first national championship in 2008 as 15 year old exhibitor
Horse Accomplishments  
Learning how to do Patterns
Learning Diagonals
learning to post without stirrups
Surviving Boot camp!
Future Non-Horse Goals  
Oh Jeez, I'm not sure if there are any?
Getting through High school and Getting a scholarship on a college rodeo team.
Future Horse Goals  
Being in the top 5 in the medal class at nationals in 2009
Being in the top two in the medal class in 2010
Winning at least one world championship in Equ before its too Late!
Winning road hack at nationals
Making it to High school National finals
Making it to College National finals
Making it to the NFR
& Training Futurity horses For the rest of my lifeeeeeeee.......
Favorist Hobbies  
Showing Morgans
Barrel Racing
hanging out with my friends

stevie Champion