Client Bio

Mallory Stacy
  • Getting my horse, Teller
  • Falling off Teller at my first jumping show…
  • Getting my horse, Torchy.
  • Falling off Torchy at Red River in ‘07
  • Falling off Torchy at Red River in ‘08
  • Staying on Torchy at Red River in ’09!!
Horse Accomplishments  
  • Getting through first year alive on Torchy. =)
  • Winning Nationals in 2008 with Torchy in Pleasure and Equitation.
  • Winning Jr. Exhibitor high point at Red River 2009.
  • Winning reserve SSMHA reserve Sport Horse in 2008
  • Winning SSMHA High Point in 2008
Other Accomplishments  
Future Non-Horse Goals  
  • Marry somebody rich to support my “horse habit.” Just kidding! Ok, no really I’m not kidding…….
  • Become an Equine Veterinarian (does that count as a “non-horse” goal?)
  • Making good grades during school
Future Horse Goals  
  • Winning/surviving a medal class sometime in the near future.
  • Helping Torchy get over being afraid to be alone…..
  • To win a World Championship.
  • To have a successful first year as a 13 and under rider.
  • Surviving Boot Camp…..
Favorist Hobbies  
  • Hanging out with Ryne. (and other friends)
  • Riding my horseRiding four-wheelers.


Mallory Stacy