Client Bio

Loren Irwin
  • Getting my own horse Neil Dimond for my Birthday 2007
  • Getting Torchy in 2010 to replace my beloved Neil
  • Making the front page of the Daily Oklahoman @ 7 yrs old during Nationals 2008
  • Neil and I in the Morgan Connection being referred to as " going together like peanut butter and jelly" both western and English
Horse Accomplishments  
  • I like learning something new in every lesson i.e.. riding in the out door arena, patterns...
  • Learning my Diagonals and Leads
  • Working patterns on Torchy
  • Saddling and Bridling my own horse by myself
Future Non-Horse Goals  
  • Keeping my school grades good, my reading done and my room clean
    so I can keep riding and showing my horse!
  • Learning to sew
Future Horse Goals  
  • Riding with the "Big Girls"
  • Getting my Diagonals and Leads every time
  • Winning a class with Torchy
  • I want to win a sash with flowers on it and a big trophy
Favorist Hobbies  
  • Torchy
  • Reading
  • Babysitting
  • Helping Mandy with party and camps at barn.
  •  like working with my Papa and uncle Mike on the farm.
  • Summer fun, going to lake, swimming, fishing and playing/sleep overs with friends!

Loren Irwin showing