Client Bio

Kim Oplotnick
I cherish every moment I have with horses. As an adult , the opportunities to grow and develop diminish. Horses have blessed me with continued personal growth. I am learning about my integrity, my dignity, my self esteem, my determination, my goals, and my life. There is more to my horses life the show coats and perfect passes. My boys, both equine and human, have taught me patience and grace. They have taught me to take chances and fail. I am stronger, I am wiser…. Because of my boys.  
  • Surprising Austin with the biggest Christmas secret ever!!!! Kingsway!!!!
  • Watching my son smile no matter what color the ribbon!
  • Working with kingway and gaining his trust and respect.
  • Laying down with kingways and spot……. Spot snores….. Hee, Hee
  • Getting spot to enjoy his groom time.
  • The first time spot knickerd at me when I walked away from him…. I'm His!!!!
Horse Accomplishments  
Getting the extended trot!
Show in the coliseum at nationals and have a respectable ride.
Get my husband on spot!!
Other Accomplishments  
Being a mother!!
Future Non-Horse Goals  

Future Horse Goals  

Favorist Hobbies  
I am married to the most wonderful husband who supports me insane obsession with horses! I have two handsome boys Austin, 12 and Adam, 7. I am truly blessed
Along time ago in a far way land I was a professional ballet dancer. I left that career to be the next best thing, a Mom. Now I get to be a horse show mom what a wonderful life!!!
Kim Oplotnick