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Kathy Kyler
As a junior rider, a lot of people of wonderful people were kind enough to coach and encourage me, particularly Barbara Irvine, and they also allowed me ride their very nice horses, including The Graduate, B-L Enchanted Eve, Acadia's July, West Mt. Jupiter Bad, and Desdemona's Courier (ASB), to name just a few. The only horse I owned, other than my sweet first mare, Bunker Hill Freedom, was Quivira Captivation. He was my show horse, trail riding buddy, backyard horse, and great friend. Our first shows together were sometimes exciting, since he would get bored and think up ways to "entertain" himself if you didn't keep his mind busy, but we kept working and steadily improved, culminating with a fabulous last year that ended with a New England circuit high point championship in pleasure and an AMHA Saddle Seat silver medal win in a field of ten riders. I went to college that fall and we retired him, so he spent his remaining years eating peppermints and trail riding bareback in a Western bridle - once he learned that jogging was ok, he never wanted to go fast again!

I'm a re-rider, which means I took a break from showing for 18 years and stopped riding altogether for about a decade. This time around I am learning hunter seat for a change of pace. My mare, SSLLC Set Me in Motion, has taught me a lot about trust and the importance of having confidence as a rider -- having Kelly encourage us has been priceless. Re-riding as an adult is a lot different from riding every day in your own backyard as a child! I sure don't bounce back as fast as I used to, but I appreciate every small gain so much more. It really is all about the journey.

Cottonwood Creek has been a blessing and second family since I started riding horses again. Kelly is infinitely patient, kind, wise, and phenomenal with the horses. Hunt seat is still a pretty new discipline for me, and it helps so much to have someone break things down in understandable chunks and encourage you to keep going. I can't imagine riding anywhere else. Thank you Kelly!!
Horse Accomplishments  
Learning how to pick up my stirrups at the trot
Doing a pattern with Farrah
Riding outdoors in the big ring and surviving!

A very, very, very, very long time ago:
American Morgan Horse Institute Scholarship, 1996
National Champion Team, Horse Bowl, Morgan Grand National, 1994
Top 3, AMHA Youth of the Year Finals, 1994
Reserve World Champion, AMHA Stock Seat Gold Medal Finals, 1993
National Champion Team, Horse Judging, Morgan Grand National, 1993
Reserve National Champion Individual, Horse Judging, Morgan Grand National, 1993
NEMHA High Score Champion, Western Seat Equitation, 1993
NEMHA High Score Champion, Classic Pleasure Saddle, 1993
AMHA Silver Medals in Saddle Seat, Stock Seat, and and Western Seat, 1993
Reserve National Champion Team, Horse Judging, Morgan Grand National, 1992
Top 5, AMHA Youth of the Year Finals, 1992
NYSSHA High Score Champion, Saddle Seat Equitation, 1991
Other Accomplishments  
I have an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and am urrently working on my second master's in administration & leadership.
I also enjoy fiber arts and have explored knitting cables and lace.
Future Non-Horse Goals  
Finish my master's - 3 more semesters!
Knit an Aran sweater.
Knit a lace shawl.
Future Horse Goals  
Look up!
Let go of the right rein!
Improve my balance and stop collapsing down the left side of my body at the canter.
Go to a horse show and have good rides.
Go to Nationals some day as an amateur rider.
I'd like to ride a dressage test some day.
Ride another reining pattern some day. (Not on Farrah!)
Canter without stirrups.
Favorist Hobbies  
My parents have always been super supportive of my desire to run around the barn, ride, and groom horses until the sun goes down. They provided a lot of opportunities for which I am very grateful! I've been married to my husband, Lorand, since 2007. He started riding about a year ago, and has been talking about maybe showing Western or Western dressage in the future - it is great to share this with him!
I'm a research administrator for a regional health science complex and medical school.

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