Client Bio

Austin Oplotnick
My name is Austin Oplotnik. I am 12 years old. I have been riding horses for 3 ½ years. I have a Morgan named DVF Kingsway. Kingsway was my christmas present in 2006. He has helped me become a better rider. My horse rocks!!!!
1. Grand national champion in walk trot in 2007
2. Riding Kingsway in dressage.
3. Moving up to junior exhibitor.
4. Seeing all my friends at horse shows - especially nationals!
Horse Accomplishments  
Future Non-Horse Goals  
1. Get my braces off.
2. My mom says to not outgrow my show clothes before nationals
3. Get straight A’s .
Future Horse Goals  
1. Try to make top 10 in the AMHA Gold medal finals in hunt seat on the flat.
2. To ride spot…… SOON!!!!
3. To survive Kellys boot camp before nationals
Favorist Hobbies  
1. Swimming
2. Boating at Grand Lake