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September News

Posted by on September 8, 2015

Sept 8th 2015


Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,


Man it feels good to be home!!  We spent the day driving home from Jubilee yesterday, and I got to spend today hanging out with Emmy.   I thought I would touch base with you all and get your clever ideas on some things!


Yes, there are lessons today with MEEEEEEEE for any of you who didn’t go to Jubilee.  All of you Jubilee-ers…. Stay home and rest, like your ponies are!  PS Melissa said you guys here at home had the best lessons EVER in the history of the world last week!  You go with your bad selves, rockin’ it all out!



I am about to order stall mats for Nationals to help keep our horses sound and healthy and off of the concrete!  I do bed with a ridiculous amount of shavings, but having the rubber between them and the concrete floors adds an extra cushion!  Cost is $120 per stall, so far I have Bruce, Libby, Johno, Andy and Kit on the list!  Let me know if you like them for your horse as well before Saturday Sept 12th.



…..and I want it to be all of you!  The evening sessions on Friday and Saturday night at Nationals has been set to be “dress up nights,” by the Grand National Committee!  You all know I love an excuse to get dressed up, and I’m sure you do too!  I want you to plan to wear your most outstanding dresses, outfits, tuxes, so we can show the rest of the country how it’s done!   I will be awarding a Cottonwood Creek Ranch Prom King and Queen.  Does anyone have any connections for Boutonnieres or Corsages that we could have at the barn?  It will be like grown up (and still kid-friendly) prom….but you won’t get suspended for spiking the punch!! A high five maybe.  But not suspended.


But do feed the grooms!  Nationals keeps us soooo busy we can’t leave the facility to grab grub!  Let me know which day you could provide an early lunch!  We will be your best friend forever!  Promise.



I ordered a ton more seat covers for our box seats at Nationals!  There should be plenty to show our barn spirit and keep all of our chair backs covered!!



No, Kurt and I are not getting married just yet.  BUT… dad is almost finished with the new addition to our fabulous ghost town, which is a chapel!  Kind of ironic, but last year we decided it would add good balance to the House of Ill Repute and Undertaker!


It’s that time!  I’ll be in South Africa next week coaching the US World Cup Young Riders Team in South Africa!  What an awesome opportunity and honor!  Our very own Caroline Rainbolt – Forbes is also on the team and will be joining me there! 



Please let me know of any known changes in your lesson plans for next week, so I can give Melissa an accurate lesson schedule before I leave! 



Fall vaccines have already been given here at the ranch, but next week your horses will be seeing a lot more of Dr. Sammie Crosby.  He’ll be going over each and everyone of our athletes to try to nip in the bud any sore spots they may have now!  Injecting joints, treating sore tendons or using chiropractic techniques are all great ways to help insure our horses are feeling their best before we put them under the stresses of such a long hard competition.  I’ll be in South Africa, so be sure to check with Melissa to see which horses you can ride, and which ones are enjoying a few days off after any needed injections.  If your mount is out of commission for the day, there are many more who will keep you on your toes.  Lungeline anyone??


Important dates:

Sept 15-19th – Lessons with Melissa (Kelly in South Africa)

Sept 12th Saturday– Nationals show fees due to me

Sept 27th Sunday – Boot Camp and last day to give us your stuff to haul

Oct 2nd Friday– Last day of lessons before Nationals (no Saturday lessons, relax!)

Oct 4th Sunday– CCR Moves into Nationals

Oct 8th Thursday – You can move into your dressing rooms

Oct 9th Friday – Practice Rides

Oct 10th-Oct 17th – GRAND NATIONAL HORSE SHOW!!!



See you all soon!





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