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October 4th, 2014


October 4th 2014


Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,

The Newsletter may have been shipped to your emailbox by surfboard, but it made it!  From the best Nationals ever, to the best vacation ever, I couldn’t have envisioned a better October!  Here’s a brief rundown of what’s been going on!!


THIS SATURDAY – Gold Medalist Retirement Party!

The people of CCR, well, it’s no secret that we love to celebrate!  And we have a lot to celebrate!  One of those amazing accomplishments is the winning of a Gold Medal at Nationals!   It doesn’t happen often, and it is the ultimate goal of any equitation rider!  This year we were blessed to have not just one, but TWO riders instructed by CCR win their Medals!  Grace Geary won the Western Seat Equitation Gold Medal and Austin Oplotnik won the Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat Gold Medal!  I am instating a new tradition…..a retirement party to be held after the Grand National for anyone who brings home the rare and coveted titles!  It’s a retirement, and not a regular party, because we all know once they’ve won the Gold they can’t show in it again.   Please join us to celebrate Grace and Austin’s retirement (in their Medal Classes ONLY!!) this Saturday November 8th after lessons (around noon)!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

So, you were wondering where we ended up at Nationals????  Here’s a the run down of the fabulousness that was our Grand National:



  1.  Western Pleasure Youth:  UVM Opportunity/Paige Crowley
  2. English Pleasure Youth:  Bellisimo/Claire Armstrong
  3. Western Pleasure 4 Year-Old:  Dragonfire Wasabi/Kelly Kraegel
  4. Hunter Pleasure 14&15 Year-Olds:  Ultra’s My Guy/Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes
  5. Hunt Seat on the Flat Senior Equitation:  Austin Oplotnik/Graycliff Jack Star
  6. Hunt Seat on the Flat Junior Equitation:  Chloe Farischon/D Bar J Habbakuk
  7. AMHA Western Seat Gold Medal:  Grace Geary/Narragansett Bay
  8. AMHA Hunter Seat Gold Medal:  Austin Oplotnik/Graycliff Jack Star



  1. Western Pleasure 3 Year-Old:  Queen’s Tasters Choice/Kelly Kraegel
  2. Hunter Pleasure 16&17 Year Olds:  Graycliff Jack Star/Austin Oplotnik
  3. Western Pleasure 14-17 Year Olds:  UVM Opportunity/ Paige Crowley
  4. Western Seat Senior Equitation:  Grace Geary/Narragansett Bay
  5. Hunt Seat Equitation 36 & Over:  Kim Oplotnik/D Bar J Habbakuk



  1. Western Pleasure Gelding:  LPS The Boogie Man/ Kelly Kraegel
  2. Western Pleasure Youth Stallions & Geldings:  UVM Opportunity/Paige Crowley
  3. Hunter Pleasure 16 Year-Olds:  Graycliff Jack Star/Austin Oplotnik
  4. Saddle Seat Equitation 14&15 Year-Olds:  Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes/Mantic Top Gun
  5. Hunter Seat Equitation 13 Year-Old: Chloe Farischon/D Bar J Habbakuk
  6. Western Pleasure 12 & Under:  SSLLC On Demand/Rachel Roberts
  7. Western Seat Equitation 12 & Under:  Rachel Roberts/SSLLC On Demand
  8. Western Seat Equitation 14 & 15 Year-Olds:  Grace Geary/Narragansett Bay



  1. Hunter Pleasure 15 Year-Olds:  Silverheel’s Lumination/Grace Geary
  2. Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies Mare:  Still Thinking/Cathryn Morris
  3. Western Pleasure 4 Year-Old Stallions& Geldings:  Dragonfire Wasabi/Kelly Kraegel
  4. Hunt Seat Equitation 15 Year-Old: Grace Geary/Narragansett Bay
  5. Western Pleasure 14 & 15 Year-Olds:  Movado/Kinslie Dougherty
  6. Hunter Pleasure 13 Year-Olds:  Hylee’s The Devil I M/Chloe Farischon
  7. Western Seat Equitation 14 & 15 Year -Olds:  Kinslie Dougherty/Movado



  1. AMHA Saddle Seat Gold Medal:  Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes/Mantic Top Gun
  2. Western Pleasure 13 & Under:  SSLLC On Demand/Rachel Roberts
  3. Futurity In-Hand Yearling Colt:  Ananndale’s Born To Rule
  4. Western Pleasure Amateur:  Whispering Non-Stop/Laurie Revard
  5. Hunter Pleasure 4 Year-Old:  Playmor’s Mi Amore/Kelly Kraegel
  6. Western Pleasure Ladies:  UVM Opportunity/Kelly Kraegel
  7. AMHA Hunter Seat Gold Medal:   Grace Geary/Narragansett Bay
  8. Western Pleasure:  LPS The Boogie Man/Kelly Kraegel
  9. Hunt Seat Junior Equitation:  Rachel Roberts/SSLLC On Demand
  10. Western Seat Senior Equitation:  Kinslie Dougherty/Movado
  11. Saddle Seat Senior Equitation:   Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes/Mantic Top Gun


Lessons cancelled on and between:

Tues November 11th – Sat Nov 15th………American Royal. Kansas City, MO

Wed December 3rd – Sat Dec 6th…..NFR. Las Vegas, NV

Important Date: *Saturday December 20th – Christmas Party 6:00pm at CCR!* There will be lessons that morning!

December 24th-25th……Christmas


Who Went Where?????

I know, I know…Who bought who? Who is that?  Where went who????  What is that?!!!!  Here’s the 411 on the deals that have closed thus far…….and there’s more in the works!!!!!!


*Queen’s Taster’s Choice:  “Tazer” my fabulous 3 year old Reserve World Champion Western horse was sold to Karen Cooley and Jerri Monroe!  He gets to stay here at CCR!

*MEM Tough Enough: “Soldier” Purchased by Kelly Kraegel (Me!) from Fire Run Farm in Snohomish, Washington. Suzanne Haberak was the agent for seller.  Plans are to make him a fabulous Saddleseat Equitation horse!

*CRS Executive Decision: “Zeke” is a 4 year old Western Pleasure Stallion bought for Laurie Revard from Rushton Stables in CA!!

*MEM Thriller:  “MJ”  was purchased from Taylor River Farm to be Brigitte Webb’s first horse!  Watch for them in the 13 & Under English Pleasure division!

*Whispering Non-Stop CH: “Johno” Sold to Rachel Darrow from Laurie Revard, to be her new Western Pleasure mount!  Johno will of course remain here at CCR!

*Lonestar Bill: “Billy” – Rachel Darrow’s solid hunter sold to the Pruetz’s of 5 Star Ranch in Texas to be a Junior Exhibitor Western horse!

*Total Request: “Emmit” – Sold to Indian Creek Farm as a Western lesson horse exraordinaire!


One Cannot go Naked!

Just a head’s up that I will be begging for money in the form of a credit card number, for many of you who bought new horses!  I’ll get their Blankets, halters, leads, show bridles, and bustles ordered as needed for you!  I’ve already got them measured!


Dream Team!

Kim Oplotnik and Diane Wheeler.  The Garage selling Dream TEAM!  These ladies organized and ran the whole kit and caboodle!  Thank you for selling over $4,000 in our used clothing!  Diane pretty much pulled the whole salesman thing off alone….apparently she used to own a retail store….and it showed!   Not only that, Kim has been our go-to advertising girl!  That alone, takes a huge load off of me, and let’s me do what I do best, which is train horses and their fabulous riders!


Feeding the Village!

Speaking of Diane, she also teamed up with Amy Crowley to order and pick up many of our fabulous dinners during Nationals!  I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to have these incredible woman looking out for us!


Party like it’s 1980!!!

Mark your Calendar!  Plans are underway for the infamous CCR Christmas-Potluck-Dirty-Santa-Dress-in-a-Horrible-Outfit Party!  Date will be Saturday December 20th at 5pm!  Bring a Dirty Santa gift under $30 and your favorite potluck item and dress in your WORST 1980’s look!  As always, prizes to our best (or is it WORST) dressed patrons, and a great time promised for everyone!


So glad to be back in the barn!  What an incredible month! <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–> <!–[endif]–>




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Pre Grand National Ads!

Dear Cottonwood Creek Family,

We have made it to Springfield, Illinois for the Jubilee Regional and all of the horses and people traveled great!  It’s our last BIG SHOW before Nationals!  What a quick summer it has been!!
That being said……Nationals is less then 50 days away!!!  Can you believe it??  Every year we run a big ad featuring our horses that are Grand National bound!  This is the issue that lands in the judge’s gazebo and is all around Nationals!   This year, Cottonwood Creek has been given an amazing advertising opportunity…a FOLD-OUT SPREAD!! ( The Morgan Horse only gives out their special advertising options to one barn, and we have been chosen!!)  

In order to accommodate everyone and fit us all into the multiple fold-outs, we might have to combine some horses, as needed.  There is also the option of doing your full page ads right before or right after the full outs!   We will try to pair horses and riders in a way that show off the horses and save you all money.  Please let me or Kim know by September 1st the size ad you would like to have and how many horses you will be advertising.  TODAY WOULD BE AWESOME!  We don’t have to have photos right away, but would love a head count!  Also, it helps to know if you will have multiple photos of the same horse so we can figure this puzzle out.

Kim Oplotnik will be writing up the booking for The Morgan Horse.  She will look up the classes you will show in, the horse’s breeding, owner, etc…All you have to give her is your proof number for your photo and desired size.  If you have ordered your photo already, yippee!!!  If not, that is step one. 🙂   Another option to the ordering process is, Kim can contact the photographer to request the photo and the magazine will bill you out.  The only photographer that does not bill out is Casey McBride.  If you are using a Casey picture, please, contact Kim as soon as possible and she will confirm that Casey has your order.

If you have any questions, please call/text me or Kim ( 405-613-1140).

Thank you all!!!
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August News!

August 3rd 2014


Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,


August is going to be a fast month!  Shows, shows, shows and a boot camp/clinic!  I’ve started Nationals entries and invoicing and plan to have it finished before we leave for Summer Daze!  Emmy starts Kindergarten this month, which is crazy!   Here’s a list of the latest happenings at CCR:



Bridgitte Webb is a darling 12 year old who just came up through the lesson program and has decided to join the show team!  Mandy has done a great job laying the foundation of her horsemanship and we are currently on the hunt to find her a great English Pleasure horse to teach her about the show arena!  Be sure to say hello to Brigitte and her sweet parents, Drew and Ginny Webb, as they get to know the ropes!



Kinslie Dougherty, the strong riding Saddleseat Equitation star who owns the talented Saddlebred, “Monsieur,” has slowed things down to join up with Movado CH!  Kinslie and Mo hit it off, and the pair will debut in silver at the Summer Daze show in Fort Worth!  Don’t worry, she’s not giving up her saddlesuit forever, she’s just broadening her skill set and continuing to grow as a horsewoman!


Practice rides will be held on Thursday afternoon/evening for Summer Daze (after the dressage) and on Tuesday night at Jubilee!  Text me for ride times!


As most of you know CCR is a green barn…..and by green, I don’t mean I’m a great recycler or drive an electric-powered car…..I’m talking cash!  Many of you take advantage of my 5% cash discounts which benefits you and me both!  The 5% comes off of any service I provide that is not a reimbursement for money I had out of pocket, IF IT ARRIVES ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE.  This includes: Training, board, horse show day fees, per class fees, hauling (done by me, not reimbursement for someone I paid to haul), etc.  The 5% does not apply to: feed/bedding, hotel, sponsorships, entries (that I pay for you) and items purchased (like tack, medicine,) or any reimbursement.



As most of you know, sponsors are a huge part of keeping our shows alive!  At all of the smaller shows we attend, we have been donating $30/entry in sponsorship for many years.  Nationals is not different in that we have always supported the show, but on a much higher level.  Sponsorships there also come with more perks, like leather bags, seating, and our prime stabling location in the Super Barn!  To keep our stabling location we need to keep our sponsorship to a minimum level.  If you would like to add additional sponsorship money, you definitely may do so!  Like last year, Sally Wadhams will be taking your sponsorship money directly.  If you don’t call her first, Sally Wadhams (802)985-8477 will be calling you about your sponsorships.  You can tell her what you would like to sponsor and just let her know to give CCR the credit!  If you haven’t done an individual sponsorship,  or would like to donate less then Sally’s minimum package, you will be part of the CCR sponsorship through me and we’ll split it up per horse!  Let me know if you would like to join the group package, or if you have contacted Sally about your own sponsorship!


If I can get enough people to confirm, I’ll do a Saturday August 23rd group lesson at 4pm between the Louisville and Jubilee shows!


Friday Oct 17th will be lavender day at nationals for “Justin Time for a Cure” cancer awareness, sponsored by AMHA youth council.  They are asking that everyone wear lavender that day to show support!!



World Champion Caitlin Novotny will be back out to give a two day clinic during our Overnight Show Rider Boot Camp Saturday Aug 16th – Sunday August 17th.  Pack your pillows, a few favorite snacks/drinks, and swimsuits and be sure to RSVP with me!   Only $175/person (since I miss priced it) but my boo-boo is your gain! Clinic will start Saturday after group lesson, and we’ll go to lunch, so we’ll be riding from around noon on Saturday until Sunday at 3pm.



I know we hadn’t talked about it yet, but lots of people have asked about having individual dressing rooms for Nationals and other shows!  They are definitely a pain-in-the-patoot for us, since they slow us way down and eat up a lot of materials.  They take at least two workers a lot of extra time to set up and tear down, more lumber, more ceilings, require more drapes, carpet, and electrical.  We have to store it, haul it, and wash those icky carpets when we get home.  It’s not feasible for me to keep adding individual dressing rooms as it is since these shows won’t let us move in any earlier then we already do!   I know you love them (I don’t blame you) and I want you to have them if you feel you need them!  We’ll definitely do these for you, but we’ll have to charge for it.  I’ll put the extra stall on your entry blanks like usual, and then add $300 to your invoice for our hassle and all of the extra materials it requires to build your home away from home! I’m just picturing a future with 20 individual dressing rooms and had to figure out how to make it feasible for me and my crew!!!   Let me know if you would like one, as invoices and entries will be going out soooooooon!!



Don’t forget to check the website for information on shows, rates, etc.  But especially HORSES FOR SALE!  I’ve just updated the page with new horses and videos that have become available, and there are some great ones!



Of course there’s no such thing!  Hehe!  I can’t carry entry fees, large purchases, etc for large amounts of folks.  I always ask that you give me a stack of checks made out to each show that you might attend during the show year (I can always shred them or give them back if not used).  It saves me a lot of time tracking down entry checks, confusion over who might be going to the show, and large amounts of money going out to pay for entries.  I realize you need to be able to balance your checkbooks, so I text the amounts before I mail them out with the entries.  Sometimes stuff happens, it’s last minute, etc., and I have to write a check for you, I totally get that! There will be a $25 fee for show entries that I have to write checks for you.



Tuesday Aug 5th-Saturday Aug 9th……….Summer Daze – Fort Worth, TX

Tuesday Aug 19th-Saturday Aug 23rd……Saddlebred World Championships – Louisville, KY

***Note: 4pm group lesson on Saturday Aug 23rd if I have enough people interested!***

Tuesday Aug 26th – Saturday Aug 30th…..Jubilee Regional – Springfield, IL


It’s a busy month and then we are on the home stretch to Nationals!


See you soon!



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July 13, 2014

Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,

I know, I know, I just sent out a newsletter!  But………..I have a few more cool things going on to tell you all about!


For all of you who have a large collection of show clothing that you or your kids don’t fit or don’t wear anymore, I’m going to organize a CCR Garage Sale at Nationals this year!  We’ll designate a special stall/room with some clothing racks and discreet changing area and put our used show clothes (saddles/tack?) up for sale!!!    Start gathering your clothes, and clean out your closets!   I know my closets are packed, so I’ll be bringing old clothes of mine (and others that have been donated to CCR over the years) and we’ll make a little money and a whole lotta room!  Anyone with any ideas or who is willing to help get this thing together, please let me know!



World Champion Caitlin Novotny will be back out to give a two day clinic during our Overnight Show Rider Boot Camp Saturday Aug 16th – Sunday August 17th.  Pack your pillows, a few favorite snacks/drinks, and swimsuits and be sure to RSVP with me!   $175/person



Make sure I have checks from you for any show you plan to attend!  Jubilee and Nationals are coming up before we know it and entries will be due soon!



Good luck to our very own Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes who will be representing the United States on the Saddleseat Equitation World Cup team!  Along with Eleanor, “Champ” will be attending the event as a draw horse for the competition!  We hope team USA draws this fantastic mount!  Good luck to both of you!!


Remember no Kelly Lessons this week, we’ll be at Tulsa!   I think that’s all for now!




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May 29, 2014

Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,

Your mailbox ALMOST said you received this email at 2:35am.  But my internet decided it was too early, too!  No.  It’s not wrong.  Call it reworking all the horses in my brain all night, or planning the next show, or just jet lag, but I really was up and about!   Anyways, I thought what better time to shoot off a brief newsletter?!  Here’s some goings-ons here at Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Inc!


Home is Where the Heart is (but NEVER my Luggage)

I had a fabulous time in the Dominican Republic last week! The Dominican Republic was gorgeous with white beaches and crystal blue waters.  The natives were friendly, and interestingly enough, they actually share an island with Haiti!   I love to dive, and got the chance to dive a reef off of a small island just off of the coast!  It was a much needed escape and left me super excited to get back to work!  I love that feeling!  Of course, it couldn’t all go smoothly.  My flight was delayed heading home, and my luggage was once again, lost.  It showed up late Wednesday afternoon, 3 days after I did!


Get it in Check

Anyone who hasn’t given me their Circle J entry check (or confirmation that they ARE indeed attending if you haven’t) for Circle J (or any other show you plan to attend) don’t forget to do so ASAP!  I’ve started entries and invoices will head out soon!!


Belle of the Ball

HPS  Who Dat (aka Belle) the gorgeous young palomino mare who belonged to her Colorado breeder, Brenda Dewey, sold to a sweet lady named Charlene out of Arkansas! Charlene plans to enjoy and spoil her on the trails!


Enlightenment by Lampe

Anyone interested in a Gayle Lampe clinic?  It’s been brought up as an idea for this summer/fall!  Let me know your thoughts!

Bye to Rye

I’m super sad to announce that our sweet, ultra-talented, hard –working and naturally-gifted Ryne Swope has resigned as assistant trainer.   Horses were getting in the way of college and he plans to start back up after finishing school.  He’s not vanishing into thin air, he says he’ll be in and out to visit and work some horses as school permits!


“Downtown Abby,” ….and Britney

Abby McCalmont and Britney Rucker, both CCR veterans have joined the daily workforce dream team here at CCR!  The ponies and people are all excited to enjoy their wonderful personas and organized work ethics!



Saturday June 7th– Saturday June 14th………Gold Cup Regional – Columbus, OH

Saturday June 28th – Saturday July 5th………Circle J Regional – Denver, CO

It’s great to be home and what a wonderful week we’ve been having!  See you all soon!




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Mandy’s Hoofbeats Vol. 5


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May Newsletter Addition

I hammered out some details with Ryne today, and it looks like he will give all lessons as normal while I’m on Vacation and at Gold Cup!  Ryne and the home groom crew will handle working horses while I’m gone (just like last week) with the addition of giving my lessons at their regular lesson times!  PLAN TO BE AT YOUR LESSONS!  He will have a copy of my schedule with all of your lesson times!  Contact Ryne via text to cancel/change/etc at 405-659-9937 and you will give him the appropriate lesson coupon for your ride.  Print this out, in case you forget!

Here is what the schedule will look like:


Wednesday May 14th……….No lessons after 5:30pm (Emmy Graduation) No Ryne

Sunday May 18th…………………………..EXTRA LESSONS!!  Contact Kelly to schedule!

Wednesday May 21st– Saturday May 24th……Vacation for Kelly!  RYNE GIVING Kelly’s LESSONS AS USUAL! 405-659-9937 text

Saturday June 7th – Saturday June 14th……..Gold Cup  RYNE GIVING Kelly’s LESSONS AS USUAL! 405-659-9937 text

I hope that makes sense!  Let me know if you need any help!


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May Newsletter

May 13, 2014


Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,

It’s been a busy month!   I enjoyed watching all of our Academy students show off their horsemanship skills at the Cottonwood Creek Ranch Show!  Mandy does an excellent job starting our young horsemen and horsewomen and it was a great day of learning and fun!  Catherine Morris did a great job judging the classes for us and Grace Geary and Narragansett Bay did an excellent western demonstration while I narrated! We couldn’t have done it without all of the volunteers, and Mandy always amazes me!   After the barn show, we attended two great shows, the Red River Classic in OKC and the UPHA Chapter V Show in Kansas City, MO!   The show horses and riders took home more then their share of the blue ribbons and tricolors and I’m proud to say that ALL of our kids are now qualified for ALL of their Equitation Medal and Challenge Cup classes!  That’s a huge accomplishment, especially this early in the year!  Way to go guys!!  I hope all of our very special mothers had the happiest of Mother’s Days!!



I am giving lessons this Sunday May 18th!!!!  Shocking, I know!   Group will be at 1pm for anyone interested, or contact me to schedule private lessons!



Welcome “Foxy” (No Batteries Needed) and her owners Diane and Chuck Wheeler from Fort Worth, TX.  Foxy is a Saddlebred mare who will be paired with Diane to join our show team.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet Diane and Chuck, they are both friendly and wonderful people and they have already fit right in!



Queen’s Taster’s Choice “Tazor” has arrived from David Rand’s in Maine.  He’s a super long necked three year old stallion by Cherished Assets who will be debuting with me in the Junior Western Pleasure division.



The Bachelor MEM (Juan Pablo, as I call him) has arrived from Merriehill Farm to be another addition to Pam Norberg’s show string.  This 15 year gelding will likely be enjoyed in the Classic Pleasure division.



Without the snack buddies in full force, we were a hungry crew at the Red River Classic!  After several suggestions and discussions over what direction to take with it, I’ve decided to start stocking the horse show kitchens for you!  I’ll plan to arrange for some nightly light dinners and then divide the total costs per family that will start this year as an optional hospitality charge.  I don’t want to force anyone into it until we know how it’s going to work out, so if you don’t want to pay it, or can’t, just subtract it from your bill with a note!  For everyone else, let me know your favorite snacks, drinks and suggestions!



On the advice of my accountant, I’m pleased to announce that Cottonwood Creek Ranch has incorporated!   Since there are other Corporations with similar names, the official name is: “Kelly Kraegel’s Cottonwood Creek Ranch Inc.”  You’ll notice changes to the website and our letterheads but everything else will basically remain the same!   I will be sending out new release forms for riders, horses in training/boarding, etc that will need to be signed and returned to me (once I get them retyped up!) which should be the only change and only pain-in-the-patoot part about it for you!



Congratulations to Becky and Calvin Opp on their purchase of NKS Express Mail “Jesse” from Hunter Wade!  Jesse will remain at CCR and Becky will be showing him in the Classic Pleasure division!! <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–> <!–[endif]–>


Flintwood Destiny Driven “Flint” formerly owned by Heather Garcia has recently sold to Mary Brown of Scottsdale, AZ!  Be sure to say goodbye to our sweet Flint as he heads out on Saturday!



Wednesday May 14th……….No lessons after 5:30pm (Emmy Graduation)

Sunday May 18th…………………………..EXTRA LESSONS!!!  Contact Kelly to schedule!

Wednesday May 21st– Saturday May 24th……Vacation for Kelly!

Saturday June 7th – Saturday June 14th……..Gold Cup Regional Show – Columbus, OH



Again, what a wonderful and busy month it has been!  See you soon!



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April Update

April 19th, 2014


Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,


We had an incredible Centennial Horse Show where we brought 32 horses to show….that was over 100 rides total and we brought back championships galore!  In our busiest session, we put 18 horses into the ring!   I’m sure you’d agree that our groom team is the absolute best and their organization and teamwork is second to none!  Here are some more happenings around the barn:


Rocketing to Florida

QVM Rocket Man GCH was just sold to Ann Smith in Anothony, FL.  Tom Johnson was Ann’s agent in the purchase, but some of you may remember Ann as the owner of “Buster” (Triagn Midwatch) the cremello stallion I showed western several years ago.  Ann’s granddaughter “Lissy” will be showing Rocket and we know they will look incredible together!


The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Welcome Moulin Rouge (also know as “Kit” around the barn) who is proudly owned by Paul and Danica Brisco in California.  Kit is here to join our show team with Danica aboard in the Amateur Western Pleasure division!


Kelly’s Lessons Cancelled on and between:

April 26th……….CCR Horse Show

April 29th– May 4th…..Red River Classic Show

May 5th-12th…………UPHA Chapter V Show

May 14th………..Emmy’s Graduation  

May 31st……….Emmy’s Dance Recital


It All Ads Up!

Just a reminder on Ads for Centennial and SASHA!  We are still planning on grouping together our ads for 2 big CCR-take-over-the-whole-Morgan-Horse-Magazine ads, and balance those with 2 ads in the Saddle Horse Report where we can lump a hundred of us on a few pages and keep the cost down.  Instead of a bunch of random CCR horse ads after every show, and scattered through out the year, this idea will link us all together, and save moo-lah!  You can still opt in or out, and choice your ad size, but this will simply things and help us get organized.  We are planning to do a big spread in The Morgan Horse Magazine with your wins from SASHA, Centennial, Chapter V, Red River, and Gold Cup for the August issue (Deadline June 20th) ….then we’ll lump our Circle J, Summer Daze, Tulsa and Jubilee wins in with our Pre-Grand National advertising.  The Saddle Horse Report ad would also obviously allow our Saddlebreds to have their time to shine, and break down to not very much money per horse for our split ads.  Everyone seems to be onboard with this idea and I’m excited to see it all come together!



Happy Easter to you and your wonderful families!  Emmy’s Easter Bunny has some serious eggs and baskets to stuff….ironically, I believe there is far more jelly beans than plastic eggs to fill.  Coincidence?  Not likely.  🙂

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