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May 24, 2015

Posted by on May 27, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,


Holy Monsoon!   Can you believe the record breaking rain???   Good news is that although much of Oklahoma is in a state of emergency, Cottonwood Creek Ranch is on a hill!  Although we have been slowed down on some of our outside projects, rest assured that CCR is not flooding and is handling the rain great!!  

Kurt and I enjoyed a very quick trip last weekend to Key West!  We had an absolutely fabulous time!  We are both scuba divers (this could be in handy after the rain here in Oklahoma!) and got the opportunity to dive the Vandenburg, a large WWII troop transport ship that they sunk to make a manmade reef.  We also went tarpon fishing, however, some one must have tipped the tarpon off to our ambushing plans as we did not catch a single one!  Here’s some news and information about what’s going on here at home!


Circle J and Tulsa Entries:

I’m working on these puppies right now!!  We had a lot of changes for these shows…. Sooooo….Please let me know if I need to take you off of a list or just plain left your poor horsey-poo off the list all together!!

Circle J:


















Move it!

Val has officially moved here to CCR!  She is enjoying a much shorter commute and is super handy to have here on the property everyday!  Welcome home Val!!


Cashing in Her Chips!

Congratulations to Madi and the whole Fitzgerald family on the sale of RRB Casino aka “Chip.”  Chip has made the trip to Georgia where he will be Amberly Payne’s new walk-trot mount!


You’re a Daisy if You Do!

Playmors Mi Amor, aka “Daisy B” has been lease to a junior exhibitor for the 2015 show season!  She has made the trek down to Florida to under the direction of Kris Cole.

 Helping Bill Caywood

Our good friend and horse shoer Bill Caywood needs us.   As you recall, I have started organizing a fundraiser to help raise money for him.  He is awaiting a lung transplant.  With his body failing but his mind strong I know it’s hard for him not to try to get out and work.  He would never ever ask for help, but he needs it.  Can you imagine not being able to breath and having to worry about buying daily things like food, medicine and just paying your normal bills to survive while not being healthy enough to live….let alone SHOE A HORSE?  But he tries to so he can support himself with the bare necessities.    There has now been established a special bank account through Midfirst Bank where we can deposit money to help him, mail it in or you can give it to Karen Cooley or myself and we will deposit it!  My plan is to get a good wave of support going for him now, and continue with the Auction, dinner and big fundraiser later in the year as a secondary wave of income!  I’ll have envelopes and information at the barn.   Help me make a difference in the life of this wonderful man!

Healthy as a Horse!

Many of you have now heard of the small outbreak of neurological strain of EHV-1 in horses.  It affects the horse’s nervous system and results in them needing to be put down.  This same type of outbreak also occurred several years ago.  It’s been a much more talked about in our circles recently because a Saddlebred barn did have a few cases of it.  Although there have been no known cases in Oklahoma or any place we plan to show, like the original outbreak we will once again be re-boostering our entire herd with the EHV-1 vaccine!  We are already vaccinated, but I’d rather be aggressive in protecting our animals.  The vaccine has not been proven to fully protect the horses, but it is believed to help minimalize nasal shedding (you know, SNOT!) which will infect less horses, and make the symptoms milder if they were to get it.  No need to panic, I’d just rather be safe than sorry!


Wait?  What? You ordered Clothing?

Just in case you didn’t read your past newsletters, you forgot, your dog ate your order form, you want more because they are freakin’ awesome, it didn’t fit….. or whatever…… I will be placing another order of CCR clothing!   I will for total reals be needing your order form in my hot little hands no later then SUNDAY MAY 31st!!   SOONER IS BETTER!  I’ve attached an order form to this email and will have some at the barn.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) the exact same items will still be available, but there is a chance they could be sold out if we aren’t fast!  I also actually know the prices this time, so I included those as well!



Photo Order/Ad Reminders!

We are about to run our mid-year ads as a barn family in The Morgan Horse Magazine!   This will include Centennial, Big D, Chapter V and Gold Cup and will be distributed at the HUGE New England Regional show in addition to being mailed out!  Make sure you order those photos NOW so they are ready to go!  …..well except maybe Gold Cup, you should probably wait to order those until we actually have ATTENDED the show!  Hehe!!  Our next (and last) big group ad will be the pre-Grand National issue in September!  Contact Kim Oplotnik (or me) for your ad sizes and particulars!  

Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly:

I was born in the city…in Torrance, California actually!  I had never ridden a horse or been around horses until I received riding lessons from my family for my 7th Birthday!    My first horse show was a little show they put on there at the ranch I took lessons from, and I showed a horse named “U.S.” with and elderly man named Old John leading me.  I won both of my classes!  Ok, that’s totally not true. Hehehehe!   It actually took me foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to finally win!   My first horse show finishes were a 4th and a 6th place and I loved it!

Get the Gold!

Don’t forget!  Our 1 day Pre-Gold Cup Boot Camp is happening!  Sunday May 31st9:30am – 2:30pm! $120/rider.  So far I’m looking forward to seeing Roberts, Darrow, Geary and Chloe-bean there!   RSVP if you plan to attend!  



Important Dates:

-Sunday May 31st…….. Boot Camp (And last day to give us your stuff to pack for Gold Cup and Clothing order forms!!)

-Saturday June 6th – Sat June 13th…..No lessons (Gold Cup)

-Tuesday June 23 – Saturday June 22nd….No Lessons (Tulsa Show)

-Tuesday June 30th – Saturday July 4th…No Lessons (Circle J Show)



See you guys soon!  Next stop GOLD CUP!!!!




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