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Feb. 5, 2015

Posted by on February 8, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of Cottonwood Creek Ranch,

Spring is coming (although according to the overly shadow-observant ground varmint not for another 6 weeks) so I have tons to say and lots going on! I’ve decided to add a section that will be making regular appearances!  “Something you might not have known about Cottonwood Creek Ranch” or “Things you might not have known about Kelly!”   I hope you enjoy learning more about my history and the history of our wonderful facility!  Here’s some new good stuff:


I need ‘em.  Like for reals.  Please bring me the copies of your 2015 Cards (AMHA, USEF and ASHA/UPHA if applicable) and copies of your horse’s registration paper with YOUR name on them if they have changed ownership since last year.  You can even do the card renewal online now!  It’s super duper fast!  I also need signed checks made out to each show you “might” attend for the entire year!    I can tear them up, give them back, etc if you don’t use them.  Like always, I will text you the amount they are written for before I mail them out with your entries so they don’t surprise your bank account!   If I don’t have a check, I might just think you don’t wanna go!  If it makes you feel better, put a post-it note on the checks with the specifics!!  There will be a $20 charge and pouty face for any entry checks I have to write.  Sooooo here’s your homework checklist:

1.             Copies of your new horse’s registration papers (or old ones just to be on the ball!)

2.             Copies of your AMHA card

3.             Copies of your USEF card

4.             Copies of your ASHA card (if you show Saddlebreds)

5.             Copies of your UPHA card (if you show at the Royal or in the Challenge Cup)

6.             Blank checks made out to every show you “Might” attend.


The Geary family says they are all in!  We’re totally going.  Plan on it.  CCR is attending the New England Regional in 2016!



Many of you are quite aware of my fondness for poultry, and I’m not talking about the dinner variety!  Our flock of fine feathered friends has fallen to a very pitiful low. So of course,  I ordered more baby chicks!  And you know, I got to ordering and I was like, that breed is cute!  Oh wow!  Those are fun!  Look at the feathery feet on those ones!!!!  And then the colors.  They come in all colors!  Blue, Gray, White, Black buff!  I have to get all of the colors!  And I better order extra just in case some of them die, because well, you know, stuff happens.   And by stuff, I mean cats. And coyotes.   

After my little online chicken spree, I proudly announced to Kurt that I had ordered all kinds of new baby chickens!  Kurt asked, “How many did you buy?” Ummmmmm…..well, let me see here….5, 15, 25…..42.  So I mighta ordered 42 chickens.  Rut Row.   Anyone need a chicken?



Remember, like, foreverrrrrrrrr ago when we were trying to raise funds to finish off the new barn?   Well, the signs are finally up in honor of those who supported our efforts and named several of the rooms and the arena!   We now officially have, “The Robert’s Figure Arena,” which is the incredible outdoor.  “The Revard Suite” which the Revard family helped make possible for our out of town guests to stay in.  “The Honorary Linda Ganley Throne Room,” which is the restroom in the new barn and all of the large barns now have signs as well to help keep our newer visitors from getting lost!  


It’s going to be epic!  Big “D” is doing it!  Morgans have officially been added to the Big D Show in Irving Texas!  But…..they are sticking their neck out for us.  They added tons of classes and a whole extra day!  They need sponsorship money to help get it off the ground and let them know we appreciate them for gambling on us!  Please let me know what you can add to our CCR Sponsorship pot!


I was super excited to learn that I was Voted Horse World’s People’s Choice Instructor of the Year…..AGAIN!   Such a cool honor and I’m so proud of all of you who make me look so stinkin’ good!  Good thing they don’t know how spoiled I am by having such great riders….oh wait, I guess they did!  I heard a TON of our HORSES and RIDERS were also winners, but they don’t have the list out yet.  Please stand by as that info becomes available!


Please don’t make me be the cranky old lady who has to yelp at you for busting out with some NASCAR like moves and Ricky Bobby speed coming in the ranch!  Drive sloooooooow!  We have all kinds of chickens, horses, dogs, cats and other not-very-smart-critters that live here…..not to mention lots of little humans running around!   Driving fast in the short little CCR driveway is not gonna make up lost time!  If you’re running late, you are still gonna be late. Promise.


It’s that time of year!  Vaccinations and Coggins and Sheath Cleaning – ohhhh my!   It’s been busy around here, we got the sheaths knocked out and are looking towards the vet coming to pull coggins and get everyone’s spring vaccinations up to date!  Fun.  Not really.  The horses are about as excited about it as Emmy is to go to the doctor!  Dr. Crosby has also been floating teeth a few at a time and we should have them all wrapped up soon!


Ever  wonder whose grave is in the front pasture?   If you guessed Kern, you’d be wrong, he’s buried in the center of the outdoor arena where he can watch lessons!  Kern would have been scared to death to be that far away from the barn!  That grave is Poco Dodger a great cutting horse stallion who basically paid for the building of the original barn on the property for owner Bill Reynolds.  Poco Dodger was buried here many years before I bought the place, and despite all of the remodeling and work that I have done over the years, I felt it was fitting that his grave site should remain marked and be left untouched.  So it has.  When I first bought the place, I was going through a big pile of old mildewed books, moldy papers, rotten leather, expired horse medicine, etc and I found a poem written on a homemade wooden plaque.  I kept it, and it’s still in the cantina in the main barn. I know you’ll appreciate this man’s love for Poco Dodger who greatly affected his life, as Poco Dodger actually still affects all of ours:


By Mike Parker


Now ole Bill Reynolds is a cuttin’ horse man

Who hales form the sooner state.

He leaves the house at the crack of dawn

And don’t come in until late.


He rides a hoss called POCO DODGER

That can really work a cow

When it comes to turning, ducking and dodgin’

That ole pony really knows how.


He can turn around so doggone fast

It will start your eyes to blinkin’-

But every move that ole cow  makes

He knows just what she’s thinkin’.


He’ll back his ears with a glare in his eye

And get way down on the ground.

A better horse for workin’ a cow

To this day has never been found.


He was born in the year of ‘58

Along about the middle of June.

When ole Bill seen this new bay colt

He started whistling a happy tune.


A prettier baby never was born

This Bill R. knew,

He tended to him with the best of care

And my how Dodger grew.


For Thirteen years they lived together,

A pair that couldn’t be beat.

But one day in June of ‘71

Ole Dodger couldn’t get on his feet.


An ailment had happened that couldn’t be cured,

The vet said Dodger was dying.

Bill walked away with a solemn face

But down inside he was crying.


To this great pair of horse and man

That could put some good ones to shame

I make a motion for Bill and Dodger

To be put in the Hall of Fame.




Beginning March 1st 2015 (next billing period) there will be some changes to training, horse show rates (mainly Nationals) and the way we do cash discounts!  I’m hoping to make it easier to figure and balance!  With the large amount of help  (and because they all deserve to make good wages for their long hours and devotion), products and supplies, etc required to maintain our level of awesomeness at horse shows, I made the biggest adjustments to the shows.   I’m changing the cash discount, since it just got too confusing as to what was eligible and what wasn’t!  I’ve decided to just break things out into a cash prices (the green kind) vs check prices.  There is still that secret bonus lesson coupon available to super early training payers (within 3 days of the invoices arriving), and late fees for those arriving after the 1st of the month (yes, even on the 2nd of the month!).   And cash of course, will help us BOTH out….even a little bit more then before!  I’ll post both of the rates on your invoices to help until we all get into the groove! 

2015  Monthy Training Rate and Discount Changes

2015 Regular Training $950 ($900 cash)

2015  Winter Training: $850 ($800 cash)

2015  Maintance/part-time training- $750 ($700 cash)

2015 Stall Board: $425 ($400 cash)

2015 Rehab care (hand walking/wrapping/doctoring, etc): $525 ($500 cash) 

2015 Pasture Board: $300 ($275 cash)

 2015 Horse Show Rate Changes:

Nationals $75/day ($70/day cash) 

Regular show day fees $65/day ($60/day cash)


See you all soon!



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